3D Seismic Study to Investigate the Structural and Stratigraphy of Mishrif Formation in Kumiat Oil Field_Southern_Eastern Iraq
( Vol-4,Issue-11,November 2017 )

Kamal K. Ali, Ghazi H. Alsharaa, Ansam H. Rasheed


Flat spot , Dim spot , Muond , Seismic Attribute.


This thesis is a reflection seismic study (structural and stratigraphic) of a (1200) km2 area located in the eastern south of Iraq within the administrative border of the province of Maysan province .The study area was interpreted by using 3-D seismic data from Oil Exploration company. The reflector is detected Within Mishrif Formation which is deposited during the Cretaceous age .The seismic interpretation of the area approves the presence of some stratigraphic features in the studied Formation. Some distributary mound and flatspot were observed within the study area, but they are not continuous due to the tectonic effects. These activities elements give reasonable explanation for the hydrocarbon distribution in the area of study and explain why in Kt-2 is wildcat. The study of seismic facies of the picked reflectors distinction type of seismic configuration is progressive seismic facies characterized by Mishrif Formation. Using seismic attribute techniques including instantaneous frequency showed low frequency in areas of hydrocarbon accumulations. Instantaneous phase attribute was detected seismic sequence boundaries, sedimentary layer patterns and regions of onlap and top lap patterns. Amplitude attribute showed that low amplitude value which probably the area of hydrocarbon reservoir.

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