The Air Flow Analysis of Coffee Plantation Based on Crops Planting Pattern of the Triangular Grid and Shackle of Wheel graphs by using a Finite Volume Method
( Vol-4,Issue-11,November 2017 )

Dafik, Muhammad Nurrohim, Arif Fatahillah, Moch. Avel Romanza P, Susanto


Coffee Plants, Air Flow, Soil Roughness Level, Triangular grid graph, Finite Volume Method.


Coffee bean is one of the Indonesia major export commodity. Based on the data from the 2012, Indonesia was ranked at third biggest coffee beans exporter in the world, after Vietnam and Brazil. A coffee land expansion have been done to increase the productivity of coffee beans, however it is not so effective. One of the factors that affect the productivity is a crops planting pattern. A good crops planting pattern will make a good air circulation and it will finally affect to the productivity of coffee beans. We will use a finite volume method to analyze the air flow of coffee plantation based on the soil roughness level, crops planting pattern of the triangular grid and shackle of wheel graphs. The simulation process is carried out by using MATLAB and FLUENT softwares. The result shows that the crops planting pattern of triangular grid and shackle of wheel graphs gives a better air circulation process in the coffee bean plantation.

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