Evaluation of Water Quality of the Urban Supply Reservoir in the Municipality of Porto Nacional - Tocantins

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Morgana Portilho Barros, Diogo Pedreira Lima, Ângelo Ricardo Balduíno


Sediment; Glyphosate; Agrotoxic.


In the city of Porto Nacional – TO the only source of water supply is the São João River, and for this reason it is so important the preservation of this important natural resource that supplies this municipality. Based on this information, this work was developed to verify the water situation regarding the levels and amount of pesticide that is found in the sediments of this dam. Thus, the general objective is to analyze the water quality of the urban supply reservoir in the municipality of Porto Nacional - TO. And from this general goal, some specific objectives are outlined, such as identifying the multiple uses of water and analyzing the presence of glyphosate agrotoxic in the sediments. Therefore, the values obtained in the study should be correlated with the standards determined by the environmental legislation and technical literature, to verify the presence of glyphosate agrotoxic. The research to be performed will use the gas chromatographic method.

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