Management Plan for Solid Waste in Construction Sites

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Cleydiane de Jesus Pereira Aguiar, Ráysson Ferreira Teles, Ângelo Ricardo Balduino, Viviane Pereira Nascimento


Solid Waste, Civil Construction, Construction Site, Disposal.


The fast urbanization and densification processes in the cities have been causing serious environmental problems, like the disposal and management of solid waste generated during the construction, demolition and renovation of buildings. The present work develops a study on the Management of Solid Waste in Construction Site. This study investigates the method and procedures of waste planning at construction sites and the disposal of these same residues, with the objective to create conditions for the proper economy, standardization and increased safety in the construction sites and facilitation of waste disposal. A theoretical framework was created regarding the provisions of construction waste at construction sites. Based on the results, management actions are being proposed for greater sustainability, with benefits like the better use of the construction site with improvements in its operation and cleaning, as a direct consequence of good solid wastes management.

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