Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Redundant System with Server having Refreshment Facility Subject to Inspection
( Vol-4,Issue-6,June 2017 )

M.S. Barak, Dhiraj Yadav, Sudesh K. Barak


Profit Analysis, Cold-standby, regenerative point, steady state and Semi-Markov process, inspection and refreshment.


In this paper two units cold standby system has been discussed with the facility that server inspect the failed unit before repair/replacement of the unit and server may allow to take refreshment whenever needed. The operative unit may fail directly from normal mode and the cold standby unit may be failed owing to remain unused for a longer period of time. There is single server who serves the dual purpose of inspection and repair immediately whenever required. Also, after having refreshment the server may eventually perform the better service efficiently. The time to take refreshment and repair activity follows negative exponential distribution whereas the distributions of unit failure and server failure are taken as arbitrary with different probability density functions. The expressions of various stochastic measures are analyzed in steady state using semi-Markov process and regenerative point technique. The graphs are sketched for arbitrary values of the parameters to delineate the behavior of some important performance measures to check the efficacy of the system model under such situations.

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