How to publish a research paper in international journal?

IJAERS offers Paper publication services- we give platform to authors where they can show their valuable work or research. You can submit whether your master, doctoral thesis or research work. Through us your research is accessible and have a worldwide visibility. Anyone can take help from your paper by downloading it or they can get access to read it directly from website. IJAERS is a member of CrossRef and assigns unique DOI to each published article. You can check assigned DOI directly from .

IJAERS Research paper publication process
Your research paper will be easily reached from Google via Title or Author name and other indexing portals. Our journal provide you an open access to publish your paper and there is no limit of pages number. For submitting the paper you need to follow the below guidelines:

Each and every journal have their own rules or guidelines. At the time of submission you need to follow the given format. Paper is accepted only if it follows the required format. You can download paper format from :

2.Guidelines for Author
We provide some guidelines that author or Paper writer need to follow. They only can submit the paper that are carefully polished and proof. Before submission ensure yourself that your paper is in desired format or following the same format given above. This step will make your processing of submission or publication fast. Confirmation of acceptance or rejection will be notified to all participant authors.
The paper you going to submit should be written in English and should not exceed the 15 double column pages. During indexing the autho's name should be considered in final manuscript.

3. Submission of Article
For submitting your paper you need to fill the online Paper submission form to obtain the Paper-ID. After you can submit article to or online also.

4. Assigned Reviewers
IJAERS is a refereed / peer Reviewed journal so to review your paper that it matches the standard of our journal or not, a specific reviewer is assigned by Editor-In-Chief (head of reviewers). In this process reviewers role is only to check the Paper or your research stuff. It's an accountability of journal to select the reviewers and send paper to them without letting them know an author's detail.

5. Decision by Reviewers
Decision is taken by reviewers about the paper if it meets the formats than the paper is accepted and is allowed to register by author and publication. And if your paper is not according to required format the paper will be sent back for formatting. Rejection / Acceptance of paper is also divide into 4 sections:-
Totally Rejected
Totally Accepted
Accepted with Modification
Update and re-submit

6. Reviews to the Author
If the paper is accepted with modification, comments are send to the author by reviewer. And the author need to revise the paper again and modify it according to the given comments.

7. Updated Paper Received
After the paper is updated (if author is asked to) and it is sent to the reviewer for further process.

8. Feedback
Accept the feedback given by reviewer. Don't panic with their comment and try to improve your skills. Come back later after doing the more research or update which is asked to do. Sometime it's frustrating when the paper is rejected due to misunderstanding, but don't lose the hope and try to fix it.

9. Further Decisions
After all modification in respect to feedback the paper is reviewed again by the reviewer and if it is accepted you can get ready for final submission.

10. Publication
At time of registration of your paper send your original verified documents. Your paper will be published and submitted with our journal in print media. And make sure before publication of paper your work is approved and all the necessary details you have completed.

Flow Chart of paper publishing process at IJAERS: how to publish paper

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