Research Grant Guidelines

The vision of IJAERS Journal:

To promote global research and applications of advanced technology for the development of society and to encourage the researchers to undertake the projects for the continuous development of human society and the nation. We are also committed to making the journal a center of knowledge around the world.


General Guidelines & Format for Submission of Research & Development Project for Financial Grant

To encourage the application-oriented research, transfer of appropriate design, technology for the development of rural and human society, a lot of emphases is being given by the IJAERS Journal for R&D activities.

Guideline for the submission of research projects includes the general terms and conditions for the financial support for inviting research proposals from the Students / Researchers / Professors working around the world in any School / Educational Institutions / Universities.

The motivation for which these research projects are invited as under:

  1. Research The project should be application-oriented for the upliftment of the rural population or Society development.
  2. Broad Research Area for which proposal invited is the advancements in Engineering / Technology / Social Science / Agriculture / Environmental / Energy / Medical Pharma / Health Research / Common diseases and their preventive methods / Economics and Management / Drinking water problems.
  3. All the proposals will be acknowledged and Proposal ID will be allotted by email and in the future, all the communications/queries about the Proposal will be made through this Proposal Id only.
  4. Research Grant:- Grant for a research project will be provided to the concerning organization and institution only for the use of team members.
  5. The Grant will be paid as a consolidated amount in regular monthly installments or as project requirements.
  6. Expenditure will depend upon the requirements of a specific proposal.
  7. A monthly report needs to be submitted to the Director IJAERS Journal.
  8. The maximum duration of the project is 8 months.
  9. After the completion of the project completion report need to submit with the signature stamp of University / Institute head
  10. In the future, if the project is commercialized, prior permission is required to take from the Director IJAERS.
  11. If the project applied for publication to any journal, the authors need to give acknowledge to IJAERS Journal.
  12. Applying for the Grant is not the Guarantee that it will be accepted or approved. The Proposal will be reviewed by the core field reviewer and Director IJAERS. The final decision about the selection and approved grant amount will be in the hand of the Director IJAERS Journal. Review Process may take up to 6 months.


Kindly submit Project Proposal in the prescribed format by email only with the scanned copy of Identity Proof of all team members issued by the National Government.

Click here to download the format of the research proposal.

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