Data Acquisition and Processing of Hartha Formation in the east Baghdad oil field, Central of Iraq
( Vol-4,Issue-9,September 2017 )

Salman Z. Khorshid, Falih M. Duaij, Hayder H. Majeed


Data Acquisition , Processing of Hartha Formation, upper Cretaceous age-East Baghdad oil field.


A three-dimensional survey was carried out to Eastern Baghdad oil field, which consist three parts, the area of (EB South- 2 ) approximately 179,875 km2 and ( EB South-1) is about (602.03) km2, while the space segment (EB South-3) is approximately to (419.095) km2. In this research, was focused on Hartha Formation only. Based on many tests to designation of pre-planning of the survey to get good signal to noise ratio for receivers in addition to the best suit for vibrators distribution and also getting the best signal source where spread of a 60-line impact and the distance between the point of receive and the other are (2 meters), also using (5) vibrators Type (NOMAD 65) with a maximum capacity of (62000 LB) for each shock. Where all processes work such as enhancing signal at the expense of noise, correction CDP gather for Normal Move Out (NMO) and stack them, correction for influence of near-surface time delays (static correction), filtering processes, providing velocity information, increasing resolution and collapsing diffractions and placing dipping events in their correct subsurface locations (migration) This processes are achieved using computers, they include many mathematical processes depend on physical fundamentals. The main processes in seismic data processing include : stacking, deconvolution, and migration. By using the information of EB-1 Well, and making the relationship time-depth curve of EB-1 then following up on getting synthetic to be linked later with seismic data and sections to obtain a real subsurface image.

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