Design and Analysis of 8x8 Wallace Tree Multiplier using GDI and CMOS Technology
( Vol-4,Issue-7,July 2017 )

Pradeep Kumar Kumawat, Gajendra Sujediya


Multiplier, GDI ,CMOS, Wallace tree.


Multiplier is a small unit of an arithmetic circuit that is widely used in Digital filters, Digital Signal Processing, microprocessors and communication applications etc. In today’s scenario compact and small digital devices are critical concern in the field of VLSI design, which should perform fast as well as low power consumption. Optimizing the delay, area and power of a multiplier is a major design issues, as area and speed are usually conflicting constraints. A Wallace tree multiplier is an improved version of tree base multiplier. The main aim of this paper is a reconfigurable 8x8 Wallace Tree multiplier using CMOS and GDI technology. This is efficient in power and regularity without increase in delay and area. The generation of partial products in parallel using AND gates. The addition of partial products is reducing using Wallace Tree which is divided into levels. Therefore there will be a certain reduction in the power consumption, since power is provided only to the level that is involved in computation and the remaining two levels remain off.

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