Estimation of Reservoir Storage Capacity and Maximum Potential Head for Hydro-Power Generation of Propose Gizab Reservoir, Afghanistan, Using Mass Curve Method
( Vol-4,Issue-11,November 2017 )

Khan Mohammad Takal, Abdul Rahman Sorgul, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai


Gizab, Upper-Helmand, Mass Curve, Maximum Potential Head, Francis Turbin.


The present study objective is to estimate reservoir storage capacity and maximum potential head for hydro-power generation of the proposed Gizab multipurpose dam site in the Upper-Helmand river basin, Afghanistan. The mass curve is used to estimate the reservoir capacity and maximum potential head for power generation with the utilization of various years mean monthly flow data of the Upper-Helmand River Basin at the proposed Gizab dam site.The reservoir volume is 4709.12 Mm3at 1435m elevation form mean sea level with reservoir capacity of 1114.3 Mm3 with annual average inflow of 100.9m3/s and annual demand of 100m3/s. The net potential head of the proposed Gizab site is 117m with power generation of 91.822 MW with using of Francis turbine efficiency of 80%.

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