Revolutionary Automatic Traffic Controller
( Vol-4,Issue-7,July 2017 )

Satyendra Pratap Singh, Rajan Tiwari


IR sensor,Arduino Programmed Microcontroller, Motorised Scissor Jack, Linear Actuator, Fibre Divider Railing, Modified Traffic Light.


Here, the focus is to control the traffic on bridge as well as on road by using the traffic control optimizer, this setup is provided for the foot path and also the divider of the road which is used to control the traffic by providing extra space on the road during over crowd conditions. Traffic is a major problem in modern era. Morning to evening, till late night, each one is facing a problem every day. According to the survey, According to “TRAFFIC CORPORATION OF INDIA and IIM KOLKATA” in the year 2012 there is loss of 60,000 crore rupees of India per year due to traffic jam. The study revealed that on 17 big routes of country there is a national fuel mileage of 3.96 kilometres per litre. According to the survey of “Centre for Transforming India” in 2010, there is loss of 2.5 litre of fuel per day in car and 0.7 litre of fuel per day in bike. Due to traffic jam, there is a loss of 90 minutes per day of an average person, if we would calculate it in years, about 23 days an average person wastes in traffic. According to study of IBM the 40% of productivity of the country decreases due to wasted time in traffic jams. Thus the main purpose of making this optimizer is to control the jam by shift down of the footpath (using IR sensor), if there is no crowd on other side of lane then it shifts the divider towards the other side of road at some definite length. In this whole phenomena, IR sensor which sends signal to the microcontroller and operates motorised scissor jack which provides path on the road.

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