Seismic Study at Subba Oil Field Applying Seismic Velocity Analysis
( Vol-4,Issue-11,November 2017 )

Nawal Abed Al-Ridha, Zahraa Shakir Jassim


Velocity analysis, Seismic attribute, Subba oil field.


This research is seismic interpretation of two-dimensional seismic data from oil exploration company in Subba oil field. The field data process for the purpose of interpretation, synthetic seismogram was done for the well (Su-7) by using the sonic log and seismic velocity, where the seismic reflectors were picked up (Nhr Umr, Shuaiba, Zubair and Ratawi). Time and depth maps were prepared, showing convex structure with a north-south axis in the center of the study area, with two main dome at northern and southern of the study area. Velocity model from which velocity maps (Average velocity, and interval velocity) were drawn. Seismic inversion technique is used to shows the units within Formations and delineate the increase or decrease of porosity in the Nhr Umr and Zubair Formations.

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