Structural Retrofitting of a Reinforced Concrete Chimney
( Vol-4,Issue-12,December 2017 )

Selçuk Kaçın, Gökhan Gürsoy


Reinforced Concrete Chimney, Dynamic Analysis, Strengthening of Chimney, Reinforced Concrete Jacketing, Ambient vibration records.


In this study, structural strengthening on Turkey's oldest iron and steel factory, Iskenderun Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. (ISDEMIR)'s No:1 Blast Furnace Aspiration Concrete Chimneys were examined. These reinforced concrete chimneys were built according to the Russian standard in 1975. For reinforced concrete chimney concrete and reinforcing rebar, Russian Norm standards have been translated into norms that used in Turkey. For years, industrial dynamic effects, occurring in the region through strong winds and heavy industrial dust circulation in the chimney consisted of visible damage to the chimney. For the determination of the current status of the chimney infrared detection devices were used for the location, identification of reinforcement steel bars. Tensile tests were used on reinforcing bars to determine the material properties of steel rebar. Compressive tests were performed on concrete core samples. After a detailed investigation a concrete jacketing method is utilized to strengthened the 59.2 m long chimney. This study will summarize details of the strengthening on the chimney.

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