Support Vector Machine based Image Classification for Deaf and Mute People
( Vol-5,Issue-4,April 2018 )

Mr. J. Jijin Godwin, Pavithra S, Nandini S, Shree Shankari R


Sign language, SVM (support vector machine), gesture recognition, feature extraction, gray illumination algorithm.


A hand gesture recognition system provides a natural, innovative and modern way of nonverbal communication. It has a wide area of application in human computer interaction and sign language. The whole system consists of three components: hand detection, gesture recognition and human-computer interaction (HCI) based on recognition; in the existing technique, ANFIS(adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface system) to recognize gestures and makes it attainable to identify relatively complex gestures were used. But the complexity is high and performance is low. To achieve high accuracy and high performance with less complexity, a gray illumination technique is introduced in the proposed Hand gesture recognition. Here, live video is converted into frames and resize the frame, then apply gray illumination algorithm for color balancing in order to separate the skin separately. Then morphological feature extraction operation is carried out. After that support vector machine (SVM) train and testing process are carried out for gesture recognition. Finally, the character sound is played as audio output.

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