Virtual Prototyping, Identification and Control of a Twin Rotor with 3DOF
( Vol-4,Issue-12,December 2017 )

Bruno M. Shimada, Lucas Niro, Eduardo H. Kaneko, Matheus F. Mollon, Wagner de S. Chaves, Marcio A. F. Montezuma


Control Systems, Parameters Identification, Virtual Prototyping.


This paper presents a methodology for identification of the physical characteristics, generation of the mathematical model through virtual prototyping and control of the didactic plant of a twin rotor. In the identification of the physical characteristics, the centers of mass and moments of inertia of the twin rotor parts were identified separately, by means of an easel designed for such task. Still in the identification of the physical characteristics, the equation that relates the applied voltage in the direct current motor with the thrust force produced by the propellers was obtained. The mathematical model of the twin rotor was obtained by means of the identification of the physical characteristics allied to the virtual prototyping with the aid of ADAMS and SolidWorks software. The implemented control system uses state feedback and complete eigenstructure assignment. The ease and usefulness of the proposed methodology was presented through the plant instrumentation, simulation and control in MATLAB/Simulink environment.

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