A collaborative application to encourage blood donation

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Aluisio José Pereira, Elissandra Cheu Pereira do Nascimento, Fábio Abrantes Diniz, Elder Gonçalves Pereira, Francisco Paulo de Freitas Neto


Blood donation; Collaborative system; Blood centers.


Objective: Implementing a collaborative system that promotes the encouragement and support of blood donation. Permitting specific patient blood donation requests, disseminating general outreach campaigns, reviewing site information for donation, as well as keeping users up-to-date on blood stock levels of blood centersand disclose the procedures necessary to become donor blood. Method: A qualitative survey was carried out of the main tools with possible related proposals to serve the region of Cajazeiras, Paraíba, Brazil. Results: It was identified the existence of possible tools toen compass the region of the study using them to know the needs and definition of the scope of the collaborative system proposing new approaches in the development for implantation in the Hemonúcleo of the city of Cajazeiras. Conclusion: The development of the collaborative system contemplated a series of functionalities to join blood centers and candidates to blood donation to better maintain the life of several patients.

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