A systematic Review and meta-analysis to Identify and Mitigate the Relationship with the Plasma Membrane of Plant Water Stress and Resistance to Pathogens

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Daniel Alejandro Kunz, Gustavo Cortez, Jéssica Castro de Carvalho, Carlos Eduardo Ribeiro, Neuton Carlos Palmeiras Galvão, Elckson Junior Aquino, Susana Cristine Siebeneichler, Magno De Oliveira, Paula Santos Alves, Wolney Jácomo, Richard Dias Possel, Isabela Maria Agustini da Silveira Bastos, Aloísio Freitas Chagas Junior, Augustus Caeser Franke Po


Water stress, pathogens, plasma membrane resistance.


The plasma membrane has very important functions, it is composed of a phospholipid bilayer having a non-uniform and fluid structure that controls input and output of nutrients into the cell and is a way of water transport, whose excess or deficiency affects the plant development cycle. Depending on the degree of water stress, it can also affect the plant resistance against the incidence of pathogens that cause great economic losses. Fungi and viruses mostly take advantage of this deficiency, eliminating the plant defense response producing molecules for this purpose; however, the plants employ proteins produced by resistance genes.

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