Abattoir operations and waste Management Options: A review

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mamhobu-Amadi Welendu C., Kinigoma Boma S., Momoh Yusuf L.O, Oji Akuma A.


abattoir, wastewater, waste, blood, bone, biogas.


Abattoir wastes which are wastes generated during the various operations that are aimed at processing for consumption categorized as solid, liquid or gaseous have the potential to pollute the environment. They are stages in the abattoir operations and the adequacy of the operations is key to healthy products and environment. This study reviews thehandlingstages in an abattoir from animal arrival and temporary storage, stunning/Immobilising, slaughtering/bleeding, skinning, evisceration and Splitting to the roasting and washing operations. The waste handling point was noted to be categorized as solid which consist mainly of bone and compostable material, Liquid waste which include wash water, intestinal fluid and blood and the gaseous waste that includes emission due to the use of fuel for roasting of skin which is used in meals in parts of West Africa. Research on the alternative use of waste from the various abattoir wastes has been suggested in the study. The application of liquid waste and the part of solid waste for biogas production and purification (using charred bone) and deploying of the biogas as fuel for the roasting operation.

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