Abrasive Flow Machining using Abrasive Paste with Oiticica Oil

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Marcelo Rodrigo Munhoz, Larissa Galante Dias, Ricardo Breganon, Janaina Fracaro de Souza Gonçalves, Carlos Elias da Silva Júnior


Abrasive Flow Machining, Oiticica Oil, Aluminum 6061-T6, SAE 1045 Steel.


This paper presents the use of Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) and development of abrasive paste using oiticica oil, a typical plant in the northeast region of Brazil, are presented as a necessity in the face of the problems related to the surface finishing process parts employing existing comercial paste. Proper surface finishing and polishing improves the quality and performance efficiency of the work. With this, the main objective of this work is to use an equipment and an alternative paste for the machining of aluminum 6061-T6 and SAE 1045 steel parts. A prepared formulation of abrasive paste with oiticica oil and solid particles of silicon carbide was proposed and compared with a conventional paste in the machining of the two metals in question. The mass and the internal diameter of the parts were analyzed before and after the machining. It was established the variation of the number of cycles in Abrasive Flow Machining, keeping constant the concentration and size of the metal particles in the paste considered. The paste formulation with oiticica oil showed a new commercial paste option under development that may contribute to a better performance in the micro-machining of metal parts.

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