Aerial Mapping Large Areas Replacing Extensive Measurements and Research of Field

( Vol-6,Issue-1,January 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Denison Lima Correa, Jose Bruno Santos Pinheiro, Marcelo Augusto Machado Vasconcelos, Paulo Celso Santiago Bittencourt


Mapping, Drone, Land Use, Maranhão


The project presented here brings results of images and the registration of producers in the municipality of Balsas in Maranhão, home to large grain explorers since from the field visits we can highlight that the predominant crops are soy, maize, sorghum and cotton in order of production, the municipality of Balsas stands out for mechanized agriculture For the 1 000 km² service of air mapping in the municipality of Balsas was divided into 10 zones of 100 km² and each area of 4 subplots of subdivide 25 km ² was divided so that there was a better combination for the images the main objective was to perform an aerial mapping in order to generate orthophotos that evaluate the conditions of land use in the municipality, together with field interviews for the verification of rural producers' licenses, in order to create a database in order to subsidize future civil works and determine the current land use. From the preliminaesr results were registered 27 large producers of these 18 already had or have some type of environmental licensing all issued through the State Department of Environment. The aerial mapping yielded a single georeferenced orthophoto GSD 15 cm where it is possible to analyze many parameters of land use.

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