Analysis of Flood Discharges on Way Samal River in Moluccas Province

( Vol-6,Issue-8,August 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Selviana Walsen


Rainfall, probability distribution, synthesis hydrograph.


Way Samal river is one of the rivers in district of Central Maluku which is intended for agricultural activities. But when its rainy season, there are many problem caused by overflowing of river Way Samal. So, we need to find the right solution to overcome this problem. In general the best solution is technical engineering, by planning the building control and normalization of the river. It needs to be analyzed how much flood discharge that occurs in the Way Samal river flow. In this study a flood discharge planning analysis was conducted using annual maximum rainfall. This rainfall is analyzed for rainfall plans by using probability distributions Gumbel, Normal, Log-Normal, and Log-Pearson Type III. Furthermore, the distribution is tested for compatibility by using Chi-Square test and Kolmogorof Smirnov Test. After that based on the match test results, the design flood discharged was calculated by using the synthesis hydrograph method of Snyder and Nakayasu. Then these two synthesis methods are compared and select the closest to trend based on the linear average approach.

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