Analysis of Socioeconomic and Environmental Vulnerability: A Case Study in the Quilombola Community “Sucurijuquara” in the Metropolitan Region of the Paraense Amazon

( Vol-6,Issue-4,April 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Rodrigo Luciano Macedo Machado, Marcelo Augusto Machado Vasconcelos, Alexandre Figueiredo Santos, Cassiano Moraes Guerreiro, Elisemberg Teixeira Oliveira, Paulo Celso Santiago Bittencourt, José Mendes de Campos Neto


Public Policies, Resistance, Identity, Culture.


The purpose of this article is to present the results of a Regressive Analysis on Socio-Environmental, Economic and Cultural "SEA" aspects of the remaining quilombo community of Sucurijuquara in the Mosqueiro District, Belém / Pa. For this study, qualitative and quantitative approaches were used, based on the application of semi-structured interviews, photographic records, software application (SEA) for the survey and analysis of data collected from study sites. The results point to the problem of establishing the processes of organization and empowerment in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and land aspects that are fundamental for the quilombola community. It is concluded that the land regularization is paramount, since they would grant rights with the possession of title of land, improvements in education, basic sanitation, health and housing in these spaces away from the central regions of the Metropolitan Region of the Paraense Amazon.

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