Analysis of Solid waste from the Port of Manaus

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Marta Neves Teixeira, Alexandra Amaro de Lima, Igor Felipe Oliveira Bezerra


Solid Waste, Environmental Management, Environment.


The concern with the waste generated by society can directly or indirectly affect the environment. The search to maintain an ecologically conserved environment, without risks to human health and natural resources is a relevant concern. Therefore, with the general objective of investigating how the disposal of material from the activities carried out in the Port of Manaus occurs and the specific ones are to highlight which materials, quantities and their final destination, propose the implementation of waste management and show the importance of impacts caused to the environment by its misuse. The intention advocated here is to provide a reflection and show how the management of municipal solid waste is quite complex and depends on a wide review of the concepts in force, including those that concern capitalist progress itself and the ways of conquer happiness. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out further studies on environmental management in the port sector, which according to a study showing the lack of a sector that is responsible for the disposal of these waste.

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