Analysis of the epidemiological profile of patients with traumas: A literature review

( Vol-8,Issue-4,April 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gustavo Sousa Andrade, Daniella Antunes Pereira Rocha, Bruna Da Silva Gusmão, Beatriz Sousa Andrade Batista, Hellen Santos Novas, Maria Clara Ferreira Santos, Ingrid Guimarães Cardoso, Mariana Morais Teixeira, João Ernesto Ribeiro Vieira, Guilherme Sousa Andrade, Bruno Brito De Andrade, Saiane Menezes Moreira, Lisandra Maria Lago, Anselmo Messias Ribeiro da Silva Júnior


Women's Health, Uterine Cervical Neoplasms, Disease Prevention, Public Health, Inventions.


Trauma is a public health problem, with a high morbidity and mortality profile that generates high costs for health systems all over the world. Several factors can trigger the different types of trauma, which may require specific treatments, often even surgical procedures, and may also cause incapacity for work. In light of this, this research was intended to evaluate the epidemiological profile of patients with traumas in different regions of the world. To this end, a systematic literature review was performed by searching the Scielo database, using the descriptors “trauma” and “epidemiology”, finding a total of 270 articles. Subsequently, filters were applied, which allowed 92 scientific articles to be obtained. The titles and abstracts of these articles were analyzed; and, from that, 15 articles were selected, which were read in full and then discussed. The literature analysis allowed us to characterize the epidemiological profile of traumas in Brazil and in other countries around the world, detecting that most trauma affects men at a young age, which can affect the labor system; that the low level of education can influence the trauma profile; and that factors such as car and motorcycle accidents, falls and physical aggressions are the main etiological factors of cranioencephalic, maxillofacial, thoracic, upper limbs and lower limbs traumas, among others. Thus, there is a need to formulate better preventive measures and pre- and in-hospital treatments, aiming at reducing the impact on trauma morbidity and mortality.

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Received: 11 Dec 2020; Received in revised form: 22 Feb 2021; Accepted: 26 Mar 2021; Available online: 24 Apr 2021

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