Analysis of the quality of life in Brazilian offshore companies

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Tulio Cremonini Entringer, Iana Gonçalves Moreira, Ailton da Silva Ferreira, Denise Cristina de Oliveira Nascimento, Jorge Luiz Lourenço das Flores, Ângelo Mário do Prado Pessanha, Paulo Mauricio Tavares Siqueira


Quality, life at offshore.


The offshore labor regime is very common in companies operating in the Campos Basin, due to the large number of companies that operate in the petroleum exploration and production processes, including companies that support these operations, which also require the professionals to work on board. The life quality is directly linked to the results, because it interferes in behavioral aspects important for individual and collective productivity. This research aimed to study and analyze the aspects of this work regime that has peculiar characteristics, and the relation with the quality of life of the professionals that work on board, so that positive and negative points could be identified, and to seek possible improvements. The methodology used to develop the study involved an exploratory research in consonance with the bibliographical study. As an instrument for data collection, a questionnaire with closed questions was used, aimed at professionals working on board. This issue is relevant for organizations, since the life quality affects the physical and psychological condition and also, the satisfaction of professionals, interfering in the performance and consequently in the results.

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