Analysis of the Service Level of the Manaus Moderna Port: The Perception of the Amazon Vessel Commanders

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Daniel Nascimento-e-Silva, Tatiana Sousa Ferreira, Gilbert Breves Martins, Márison Luiz Soares, Dayan Rios Pereira


Amazon Logistics, Amazon Ports, Amazon Transportation, Amazon Vessels, Service Level.


The services that river vessels have provided to Amazonian communities, from the most remote to the great metropolises, are so essential that it is likely that without them the very livelihoods and survival of the peoples of the region would be compromised. Because of their importance, these vessels have become true regional institutions, so it is essential to know their level of service, which corresponds to the satisfaction that their users have in relation to the services available to them. As satisfaction is also due to the services provided by the ports where they dock, it is necessary to investigate the service levels of these ports. This study aimed to evaluate if the service level of the Manaus Moderna port is in accordance with the expectations of the vessels that dock there, according to their commanders. It used the survey method, using a semi-structured interview script focused on evaluating existing services and identifying missing services to test the hypothesis that the services offered are in line with what is expected of them; Data processing was based on simple frequencies and percentages, presented in contingency tables, whose interpretation was centered on the degree of satisfaction of the respondents (port service level) and the clients of the vessels (vessel service level). The results showed that a) only the services provided by the on-site police station cause satisfaction, b) there are numerous infrastructural services that are not available and that are necessary for vessels to operate with the minimum adequacy and c) customer satisfaction of vessels. it concerns only passenger ordering and transport services. The conclusion shows that the level of service offered by the port of Manaus Moderna to the vessels that dock there is below what is expected, according to the perception of its commanders.

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