Analysis of Volume Relationship, Traffic Speed and Density in the Tulukabessy Street with the Greenberg and Underwood Methods

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nelda Maelissa, Antonetha Maitimu, Sjafrudin Latar


Traffic Parameters, Underwood, Greenberg.


The city of Ambon, a city that is often called the city of music or often dubbed the "Ambon manise" also does not escape the problem of congestion. There are several areas which are the points of congestion in the city of Ambon, namely, the area of JalanSlametRiyadi, precisely in front of Makodim 1504 Ambon, to Tulukabessy. The congestion that occurred on Tulukabessy road was partly because there was a shopping center (Citra) and several offices on the road, there was also a road body that was used as a garage. To overcome the congestion that occurs in some of the regions mentioned above, a good traffic management is needed. Traffic parameters that need to be known, namely traffic flow or volume, speed and density. The performance of a road can be measured from these three parameters or often referred to as traffic characteristics. For this reason, the volume, speed and density of traffic will be analyzed using the Greenberg method and the Underwood method. This research is quantitative and data collection is done by means of surveys, namely speed surveys and traffic flow surveys. Volume and speed data are then processed to obtain density. Furthermore, the three traffic parameters were analyzed by the Greenberg and Underwood methods, resulting in a relationship between the three traffic parameters. The most suitable method used for the Tulukabessy road is the Underwood method with a coefficient of determination (R2) = 0.960 with a maximum Density value (DM) = 200 smp / hour maximum volume (VM) is VM = 2481.84626 junior / hour. The relationship between the parameters of the Tulukabessy road traffic with the Underwood method, as follows: Relationship Speed-Density Ln S = 3.7394 - 0.005 D; Volume - Density Relationship V = 42,073 D e-0,005 D; Relationship Volume - Speed V = 747.88 S - 200 S Ln S. The most suitable method used for the Tulukabessy road is the Underwood method with a coefficient of determination (R2) = 0.960 with a maximum volume value (VM) is VM = 2481.84626 junior high school / hour.

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