Antimicrobial activity of common endodontic materials on Enterococcus faecalis NEWP 0012

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Eduardo Fernandes Marques, Carina Scolari Gosch, Thatiany de Azevedo Cardoso, Vanessa Campiol, Maria Carolina Canadas, Renata Ximenes Lins, Andrea Fagundes Campello, Sabrina Lopes Rodrigues,Marilia Fagury Videira Marceliano-Alves


Calcium hydroxide, Endodontics, Odontology.


The elimination of the microorganisms in its totality, during the endodontic therapy, although desired, is hard to be achieved. Even after the canal filling, the microorganisms are able to be into the dentinal mass and into the periapical region. This essay aims to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of endodontic materials against to the Enterecoccus faecalis NEWP 0012. The inoculation of this microorganism in the glass plates was done using swabs pressing the cotton against the wall of the pipe. The bacterial suspension was sowed evenly on the sterile surface of the Ágar MH. The plates were incubated by aerobic conditions, in a constant temperature in the range of 35º a 37°c, for 24 hours. The endodontic materials tested were: Sealer 26, Endofill, AH plus, MTA Filapex, calcium hydroxide paste associated to the chlorhexidine, Maxxion R glass ionomer, MTA and MTA HP. After material manipulation, they were impregnated into absorbent paper discs of 5mm of diameter and distributed sporadically on the plates that contained the microorganism. The experimental data were obtained by the measurement of the inhibition halo in the period of 24h, 72h, 7, 15 and 21 days; thus, the microorganism was classified as resistant or sensible to the different products. From the results, it was possible to verify that the calcium hydroxide paste associated to the chlorhexidine presented superior antimicrobial activity on Enterecoccus faecalis NEWP 0012. It was concluded that the calcium hydroxide paste associated to the chlorhexidine has satisfactory antimicrobial activity against the Enterecoccus faecalis NEWP 0012 in the period between 24h to 21 days.

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