Application Focused on English Language Teaching for Children, with Speech Recognition and Synthesizing Capabilities

( Vol-6,Issue-3,March 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Davi Samuel Maia Dias, Ricardo Silva Parente, Vanessa Levy, Antônio Estanislau Sanches, Jorge de Almeida Brito Júnior, Manoel Henrique Reis Nascimento


English; Learning; Educational; Voice and synthesis.


This project will present an application focused on the teaching of the English language to the children, this application being an important teaching tool, where the child can begin a cycle of learning a new language, something that will be very important in their training academic, and will serve in your professional future. In addition to showing how software is being developed and the resources used in it, this project is also concerned with presenting concepts such as: foreign language learning for children, voice recognition and synthesis, intelligent systems capable of recognizing and synthesizing the voice and the Java API Speech. To aid in English studies, the application makes use of illustrative images, themes, interactive questions, training mode, speech recognition and synthesis, which contributes to the development of writing and pronunciation in the language, mainly for making use of the resources of voice, which are the strongest point of this tool.

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