Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture
( Vol-5,Issue-4,April 2018 )

Acharya S.M, Pawar S.S, Wable N.B


Agriculture, GIS, Information, Remote sensing, Satellite.


This article provides an overview of some of the recent research in agriculture involving remote sensing and GIS. Attention focuses on application of remote sensing and GIS specially in agriculture including geography, land surveying, most Earth Science disciplines, parent child relationship, unique identification, attributes, technical parameters, 2D/3D view and any other requirement customized. These advances have been made over recent years and foundations for future research established and can be efficiently used in Agriculture for better results.

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Acharya S.M et al ."Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture". International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science(ISSN : 2349-6495(P) | 2456-1908(O)),vol 5, no. 4, 2018, pp.063-065 AI Publications, doi:10.22161/ijaers.5.4.10
Acharya S.M, Pawar S.S, Wable N.B(2018).Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science(ISSN : 2349-6495(P) | 2456-1908(O)),5(4), 063-065.
Acharya S.M, Pawar S.S, Wable N.B. 2018,"Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture". International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science(ISSN : 2349-6495(P) | 2456-1908(O)).5(4):063-065. Doi: 10.22161/ijaers.5.4.10
Acharya S.M, Pawar S.S, Wable N.B. 2018,Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science(ISSN : 2349-6495(P) | 2456-1908(O)).5(4), pp:063-065
Acharya S.M, Pawar S.S, Wable N.B."Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Agriculture", International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science(ISSN : 2349-6495(P) | 2456-1908(O)),vol.5,no. 4, pp.063-065,2018.
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