Association between Income and Self-Perception of Health with Life Satisfaction of life of seniors in Corresidence

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Larissa dos Anjos Santos, Talita Santos Oliveira Sampaio, Rosangêla Souza Lessa, Jamille dos Anjos Brito, Alba Benemérita Alves Vilela, Paula Peixoto Messias Barreto, Luciana Araújo dos Reis, Lucas Silveira Sampaio


Self image. Old man. Relationship between generations. Income. Personal satisfaction.


Due to the aging process, new family arrangements have emerged, one of which is that of co-residence, which may be related to several factors for the elderly, such as their health and financial conditions. Thus, the aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between income, self-perception of health and life satisfaction in elderly co-residents. The study design will be cross-sectional, population-based and quantitative approach. The study participants were 239 elderly in co-residence situation. For data collection, we used the adapted Brazil old age Schedule questionnaire and the Health Status questionnaire. The analysis used Pearson's chi-square test, with significance set at 5%. The results of the crossover of data between self-perceived health and life satisfaction of the sample,, revealed that positive cases of self-rated health are correlated with higher frequencies of life satisfaction (p = 0.02). From the study, it was concluded that the elderly living in co-residence are satisfied with the family arrangement in which they live, thus directly influencing their own perception of their health.

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