Biological Risk Analysis in a Waste Treatment Company in Manaus-AM

( Vol-6,Issue-8,August 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Patrick Hozannah de Albuquerque, Eduardo de Magalhães Braga, Diego Leitão Mascarenhas, David Barbosa de Alencar, Manoel Henrique Reis Nascimento, Jorge de Almeida Brito Junior


Biological Hazards, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Biological Agents.


Biological Risks are defined by the existence of the probability of occupational exposure to Biological agents in functions that involve the use or manipulation of the biological agent as the main object of the work. This exposure without adequate protection causes health hazards, such as acquiring some occupational disease due to microorganisms present in the workplace. Thus, this work aims to conduct a descriptive research of the environment of the effluent treatment plant unit in Manaus-AM to verify which agents are present and which preventive measures are taken to eliminate or reduce these risks, ensuring a healthy environment. to the employee. The obtained result fits within the acceptable standards, being in agreement with the theoretical reference present in this work, but it needs a deeper analysis in the subject to prove that these biological agents do not cause more serious health damages.

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