Bromeliads Supply Chain of Paraná State - Brazil

( Vol-6,Issue-2,February 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Adilson Anacleto, Raquel Rejane Bonatto Negrelle


Bromeliads, Vegetable production, Ornamental plants, Agribusiness, Family Agriculture, Rural pluri-activity.


Bromeliads are a group of native species of ornamental plants from Paraná Coast which have significant commercial value, however in recent decades has seen the exodus of producers in the activity. Thus, in order to support a better understanding of the current situation, it sought to identify how the production, distribution and trade processes were established in the supply chain, as well as identifying what were the strategies adopted in each segment (production, wholesale and retail) that resulted in competitive advantage in bromeliads supply chain. It was accomplished a descriptive exploratory research with different actors involved in all segments of the supply chain. It was interviewed, 19 producers distributed in 15 cities, 31 extractors in 12 cities, 18 wholesalers in 8 cities, 160 managers / owners of flowers retail businesses in 31 cities and 211 consumers of bromeliads in 51 cities. Bromeliads producers and extractors showed inadequate conditions of cultivation / extraction which resulted in lower plant quality, and for this reason in part that the high price and the fear of the mosquito that transmits dengue developed in the bromeliads, were the factors that limited the consumption. The bromeliads distribution until the consumer was made by wholesalers and retailers who had a pre-sale system, a factor that minimized the risk of leftovers and losses on the sale of bromeliads. It was not observed the adoption of shared strategies between the segments that resulted in competitive advantage in the bromeliads supply chain in Paraná State.

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