Business and Virtual Collaborative News Model

( Vol-6,Issue-4,April 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Daniele Fernandes Rodrigues, Carlos Henrique Medeiros de Souza, Luiz Renato de Souza Justiniano, Gabriel Moreira, Ariel Adorno de Sousa, Izan Fabrício Neves Calderaro, Fabrício Moraes de Almeida


Industry Journalism, Business Model, Management Model, Intangible Wealth.


This paper aims to demonstrate a business model and management for a virtual collaborative news environment (VNCE), which is being implemented at the Northern Fluminense State University - UENF, in the Postgraduate Program in Cognition and Language. The difficulty of the journalistic business in surviving, in view of technological changes, the growth of the digital environment, the predominance of intangible wealth, the valorization of intellectual capital, among other variables, has raised the question of the real possibility of a journalistic organization surviving in this scenario. Interdisciplinary environment involves research in the area of communication, information system, administration and accounting and seeks to meet the demands of generation, storage, retrieval, processing and transmission of information in this digital era. An increasingly intelligent, collaborative environment with the active participation of all the agents involved, that is, with the total interaction of the reader-user of the internet. A business and management model that has as main differential the recognition of the intangible wealth, besides the traditional tangible gains, in an era of new economy, where the digital business prevails and the primacy of the intangible wealth, recognized in the expectation of future gains of these companies. Governed by the logical intelligence of a control system whose purpose is the congruence of objectives of the agents that form the business, able to measure the contribution of each agent, generating their respective monetary recognition. Through a cyclical process of creation, delivery and capture of value by all the agents involved that allows planning, control, feedback and replanning, the proposed model is supported by a goal congruence control system that will enable management of this environment, ensuring its continuity and expansion of scope.

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