Cloud Computing Security with Identity-Based Authentication Using Heritage-Based Technique

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Rishi Kumar Sharma, Dr. R.K.Kapoor


cloud computing, cloud heritage, security, authentication.


More organizations start to give various types of distributed computing administrations for Internet clients in the meantime these administrations additionally bring some security issues. Presently the many of cloud computing systems endow digital identity for clients to access their services, this will bring some drawback for a hybrid cloud that includes multiple private clouds and/or public clouds. Today most cloud computing framework use asymmetric and traditional public key cryptography to give information security and common authentication. Identity-based cryptography has some attraction attributes that appear to fit well the necessities of cloud computing. In this paper, by receiving federated identity management together with hierarchical identity-based cryptography (HIBC) with cloud heritage technique, not only the key distribution but also the mutual validation can be rearranged in the cloud.

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