Coatings for saltwater pipelines

( Vol-5,Issue-9,September 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Camila Menezes Senna, Deborah Santos, Thiago Silva Geraldi


Coating, Corrosion, Pipeline, Saltwater, Wear.


This paper is a literature review of coatings that aim to reduce corrosion in metallic pipelines that are in contact with saltwater. Among the existing coatings, the most common and ecologically available ones are: asphaltic enamel (AE), epoxy resin, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), Neoprene and multilayer coatings (polyethylene-PE, polypropylene-PP and polyurethane-PU). Due to the need by the industries, new technologies in this field are being developed. Carbon nanotubes, DLC (diamond type carbon), and self-recoating coating are some of the new coatings that are in evidence due to their hydrophobic property. There are many industrial applications that require high resistance to saltwater corrosion, such as coastal factories, onshore and offshore platforms, tidal power plants, and water desalination, which justify researches of new technologies in this area.

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