Comparison of Three Gravimetric-Geometric Geoid Models for Best Local Geoid Model of Benin City, Nigeria

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Oduyebo O. F., Ono M. N., Eteje S. O.


gravimetric, geometric, local, geoid, model.


The conversion of geometric as well as ellipsoidal heights from GNSS observations to practical heights for engineering constructions has necessitated the determination of the local geoid model of areas. Benin City is a developing area which requires a local geoid model for conversion of geometric heights to orthometric heights for physical developments in the area. This paper is on the best local geoid model of Benin City, Nigeria by comparing three gravimetric-geometric geoid models of the study area. GNSS and gravimetric observations were carried out on 49 points to respectively obtain their coordinates and absolute gravity values. The theoretical gravity values of the points were computed on the Clarke 1880 ellipsoid, subtracted from the absolute gravity values and corrected for the air (free air) to obtain the free air gravity anomalies of the points. The computed free air gravity anomalies were applied to compute the geoid heights of the points using the integration of the modified Stokes integral. Three geometric geoid surfaces (plane, second degree and third degree surfaces) were fitted to the computed gravimetric geoid heights using the least squares technique to obtain the gravimetric-geometric geoid models of the study area. The RMSE of the three gravimetric-geometric geoid models were computed to determine their (the models) accuracy. The three gravimetric-geometric geoid models were compared using their accuracy to obtain the most suitable geoid model of the study area. The results of the comparison showed that the third degree gravimetric-geometric geoid model is most suitable for application in the study area. It is recommended that ellipsoidal heights obtained from GNSS observation within Benin City, Nigeria should be converted to orthometric heights using the third degree geoid model.

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