Creating urban health through the promotion of green walls

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ashraf Muahram, Joseph Kennedy, Mitra Kanaani, Vuslat Demircay


Green wall, Vertical Garden, Public Health, Mental Illness.


Since the industrial revolution took place, the gap between people and nature has been increasing rapidly. Nature-deficit disorder is the major issue in most cities worldwide. The lack of nature affects our daily lives negatively by threatening our mental and physical health. Many people are experiencing heart disease, high blood pressure, mental illness, and many more due to unhealthy living conditions: air pollution, noise, high temperature and lack of nature. Plants can improve public health by reducing the negative effects of those factors. Although there are some ways to turn nature back to the cities such as public parks, green roofs or street trees, vertical gardens would be a considerable trend in crowded cities where there is a shortage of land as they can cover large areas, and accessible for those who can not afford going to public parks regularly to enjoy the nature.

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