Development of a Low-Cost System for Monitoring Water Quality applied to Fish Culture

( Vol-6,Issue-7,July 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Wilmar Borges Leal Junior, Robert Mady Nunes, Leonardo de Andrade Carneiro, Ítalo Cordeiro Silva Lima, Luana Siqueira Fiuza, Marcos Dias da Conceição


Automation, Computing, Fish farming, Internet of Things


In fish farming, automation is an outlet to minimize and / or optimize some key points for business success, such as real-time monitoring of water quality and its intervention when they are changed, as well as their interface with other productive management practices. The monitoring of water quality is done through the verification of some chemical and physical parameters, requiring qualified personnel to measure and interpret these parameters in order to provide a good water quality necessary for the good productive performance of the species to be cultivated. In this context, the objective of this project is to analyze the feasibility of implementing a low-cost computer system to monitor the physical and chemical properties of water in aquatic organisms. Taking into account the existence of a wide variety of technologies available on the market that can be used together, this work aims to study the paradigm of automation and its use in the field of fish farming, making use of existing technologies with Arduino, Raspberry pi and sensors. Finally, we intend to analyze the financial feasibility of developing a computer system to monitor the physical and chemical parameters of water in aquatic organisms.

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