Ecology of Contributions for Women Association with Brazilian Semiarid

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Rosiane Rocha Oliveira Santos, Antonio Santana Padilha Neto, Janedalva Pontes Gondim, José Moacir dos Santos


Family farming. Food Safety. Genre. Sexual division of labor.


We bring this work some historical perspectives on the conceptions socially constructed about gender and sexual division of labor, and dialogued with some theorists that reference the topic further highlight some narratives that illuminate the emancipatory bias of women's active participation in production in spaces of Family Farming. Thus, the study discusses the role of women in Food Safety production space, because we believe that discuss food security in the Brazilian semiarid region (SAB) implies reflect gender relations and women's participation in the production of food for the family and to the market and their participation in the management of property and public spaces.

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