Environmental education in Manaus Municipal Schools: South-Central Zone

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Rozely Coelho Magalhães, Alexandra Amaro de Lima, Igor Felipe Oliveira Bezerra


Sensitization; School Management; Environmental Education.


Society is increasingly concerned about environmental issues and this makes educators increasingly reflect on how to disseminate environmental education in the school environment and how students will practice social sound and environmental fundamentals. This research aimed to analyze the pedagogical practices of Environmental Education in five municipal schools of Manaus, having as fundamental the pedagogical practices of Environmental Education and, above all, if the projects and actions in environmental education in the municipal schools bring significant results that express in personal practices in the daily lives of their students. A multicase study was carried out in the form of field work. The main results were related to the approaches of authors of the literature on the subject, and it appears that most of the students have knowledge about the subject, besides exposing the desire to be addressed even more in the school environment theme of environment, since it was observed in the graph that in many schools is still little worked by teachers, finally it is noted that the actions of environmental education agitate behavioral changes and arouse in adequate students commitment to find doors to environmental problems.

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