Environmental Impact due to incorrect waste disposal in River Miriti-AM

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Janaina Menezes Picanço, Alexandra Amaro de Lima, Igor Felipe Oliveira Bezerra


Solid Waste; Miriti; Degradation.


The present work is an exploratory and descriptive research, which seeks to expand knowledge about the degradation of the Miriti River located in the municipality of Manacapuru-AM, to present the main characteristics of this degradation. The research was conducted in July and august2019,and was mainly related to the observational method that highlights the characteristics of the observed facts. The work that is presented is classified as field research and unsystematic observation because it did not have a guiding script. Data collection took place on Sundays, the day when the flow of people in the Miriti resort is higher and sought to verify people's care in relation to the waste produced in the use of the living space of the resort. The results indicate the presence mainly of plastic and metallic waste such as bottles and cans of beverages. Contact with people in informal conversations indicate that many agree that users of the site lack awareness of the disposal of solid waste.

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