Equilibrium Isotherm, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of the Adsorption of Erythrosine Dye onto Activated Carbon from Coconut Fibre

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ikhazuangbe P.M.O., Kamen F.L., Opebiyi S.O., Nwakaudu M.S., Onyelucheya O.E.


Adsorption, Coconut fibre, Erythrosine, Kinetic, Thermodynamic.


Equilibrium isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the adsorption of erythrosine dye onto activation carbon from coconut fire was carried out. The coconut fibre obtain from Elele, Rivers State Nigeria, was washed, dried, carbonized at 400oC, crushed, sieved and activated at 800oC, before it was washed and dried at 110oC. Variable influencing factors, such as contact time, temperature and initial concentration were studied through single-factor experiment, while other factors are kept constant (at 30min, 30oC and 50mg/L) in each adsorption experiment. The Freundlich isotherm fits adsorption compare to others used, the adsorption kinetic followed pseudo-second order reaction, while the thermodynamic parameters, (∆H) = 28.73KJ/mol, (∆G) = 94.45J/mol.K and (∆S) = -0.10, -0.27, -0.82, -1.05, -1.77, -2.49KJ/mol. From the results obtained, activated carbon from coconut fibre, will be an excellent low-cost adsorbent for the removal of Erythrosine from industrial waste water.

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