Ergonomic Analysis and Application OWAS Method in a Mechanical Maintenance Shop of Thermoelectric Plant

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Tulio Cremonini Entringer, Geandro de Assis Nascimento, Ailton da Silva Ferreira, Denise Cristina de Oliveira Nascimento, Jorge Luiz Lourenço das Flores, Ângelo Mário do Prado Pessanha, Paulo Mauricio Tavares Siqueira, Luciano Jose de Oliveira


Safety. OWAS Method. Thermoelectric.


The present work aims to develop an ergonomic analysis of the safety aspects of the mechanical maintenance workshop of the thermoelectric plant, located in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes. Note that it may serve as a support tool for company employees and other organizations that have maintenance workshops. It was envisioned a focus on safety issues for the development of work activities, seeking to identify irregularities in the ergonomic aspects in the execution of activities in the work environment and to propose alternatives to reduce and / or eliminate irregularities and, consequently, to improve the working conditions of employees of this sector. Thus, after a brief description of work safety, the importance and importance of ergonomics and the OWAS method (Ovako Working Posture Analysis System) are emphasized, the importance of furnas in the Brazilian electrical sector. safety engineering and ergonomics and its importance, as already commented, ending with an analysis of the safety in the sector of maintenance of furnas, applications of the method OWAS and the final considerations. The results of the environmental analyzes and proposed, contributed to a reduction of the index of work accidents in the mechanical maintenance workshop.

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