Evaluation of Water Quality for Bathing Conditions in Formigueiro Beach- Porto Nacional - To

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Jadilson Evangelista dos Reis, Alesi Mendes, Ângelo Ricardo Balduino


Environmental problems, bathing conditions, Quality.


The environmental problems are currently in the spotlight in the news media around the world, although in a negative way. This theme arouses great curiosity among people. The water, which is an exhaustible natural resource, has been suffering severely through misuse and lack of awareness regarding humanity's natural assets. With the population growth, cities are now receiving industrial facilities, and this leads to an increase of the waste dumped on the surface, affecting the bed of rivers and lakes, and consequently affecting water quality. Besides this means of pollution, there are several other forms such as garbage thrown into the water, uncontrolled mining, among others. All samples from the three analyzed points had Escherichia coli values lower than 200 NMP/100 ml of sample. Thus, according to Resolution nº 274, the E. coli values found in this range allowed to classify the analyzed locations as safe and excellent for carrying out primary contact activities, or, bathing for most of the analyzed period. The following project had the objective of analyzing the conditions of the water in the Formigueiro Beach, used by bathers that come into primary contact, as well as the normative that competes to it, also focused on the environmental issues as: degradation, polluting sources, means of use, sustainability and bathing.

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