Explosions, Abnormal Loads on Structures

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Hajdar E. Sadiku, Esat Gash, Misin Misini


Blast resistant design, blast waves, explosive effects.


In Kosovo as well as in many countries of the world have occurred explosions in objects, so this research have addressed the ways and possibilities of protecting the buildings by using their position as construction and design elements' after you load resisted by explosions. This paper presents basic information on the approaches for the evaluation of the blast effects on the structures. Motivation for the present study is recent events happening in the World where more and more structures are being destroyed by unexpected explosions in the urban areas. Intension of this investigation is to present basic information on what will happen when an explosive device is detonated. Some of the methods to calculate blast loads are presented. At the end it is presented simple method of designing a reinforced concrete wall barrier subject to a blast load caused by vehicle bomb. Calculation has been carried based on the kinetic energy that is delivered on the surface of the wall and that energy dissipation by the wall to resist such impulse load.

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