Factors Affecting Project Performance in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Sevar Neamat


Construction firms, construction management, factors affect the performance, project performance, Kurdistan region construction projects.


Construction industry consists of many parts which result in a complexity in its nature. In Kurdistan Region (KR) of Iraq, construction projects have a lot of drawbacks in measuring their time of the product, cost, and safety of the work. The research below is to recognize and estimate the issues impacting the product performance in KR. The results that we got from the previous studies participated in preparing this research. A study is investigated for 63 factors of consultants and constructors viewpoints. The total questionnaire was 120. 83 answers are (69%) resulted from the participants: 16 (64%) to owners, 22 (63%) to consultants and 45 (75%) to contractors. Significant issues decided were: The delay in execution of projects due to shortage and closure of materials; the labors’ availability in their work according to project duration; managing of projects and providing the skills of leadership; Alteration in prices of materials; highly qualified and expert persons need; Using of good materials and equipment. Constructing organizations should reach their strong purpose in their production. Perfect methods and approaches must be recognized for controlling the impact of political and economic conditions. Additionally, a training program should be provided to progress the innovators in the construction industry construction projects. Organizations in the KR should assess the sharing of the market earlier than implementing projects. The reason is going to the difficult economic situation in the KR. This will help the administrations to accomplish works positively.

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