Heat Transfer Enhancement for Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger Using Twisted Tape Inserts

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

A. H. Dhumal , G. M. Kerkal , K.T. Pawale


heat exchanger, swirl flow devices, twisted tapes, twist ratio, pitch, friction factor.


Heat transfer augmentation techniques refer to different methods like Swirl-flow devices include a number of geometric arrangements or tube inserts for forced flow that create rotating and/or secondary flow. Ccoiled tubes, inlet vortex generators, twisted-tape inserts, and axial core inserts with a screw-type winding used to increase rate of heat transfer without affecting much the overall performance of the system. These techniques are used in heat exchangers which are used in process industries, , air-conditioning equipments, refrigerators thermal Power plants, radiators for space vehicles and automobiles etc. This work mainly focuses on the twisted tape inserts with different pitch and twist ratio and its effect on friction factor.

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