Ice cream Made of Brazilian Native Fruits: Sustainable Development to Depressed and Biodiversity Areas

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Cintia Neves Godoi, Bento Alves da Costa Filho, Alcido Elenor Wander


healthy food, sustainable production, SMEs, environmental development.


This paper presents a case of food production, especially ice cream producing made of Brazilian native fruits, and the engagement of the poor population and women in the production of healthier products and a more sustainable production. It is about of accessing native fruits in the Brazilian savanna and, therefore, in the base of production, that it is necessary to recognize the role of small and medium producers in the social and environmental transformation of poor or depressed areas. Especially since small and medium producers still have areas of native forests on their land, while large areas of production are generally destined for commodity production. The Frutos do Brasil company is therefore analyzed for its performance in the face of more sustainable forms of production, because it invests in the production of healthier foods, in stimulating small and medium producers of food, in stimulating the maintenance of native vegetation, and inserting more poor and women in the productive process.

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