Index Set Green Cover Method for Automated Identification of Vegetation

( Vol-5,Issue-8,August 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Denison Lima Correa, Marcelo Augusto Machado Vasconcelos, Paulo Celso Santiago Bittencourt, Jorleide Rodrigues


Geotechnology, Drone, Mapping, Vegetation.


The objective of this study was to generate a new methodology for the generation of vegetation index by drone cameras for the quantification of green cover area. For this study a drone of the DJI Mavic PRO quadricopter model was used. The flight plan was made using the Drone Deploy application and a total of 56 images were obtained, with a 60% side cover and 70% front cover. The images were processed in the professional Photoscan software version (1.4.2) resulting in mosaic area. The following ICVA equation was applied: ((pGreen-pRed / pGreen + pRed) * L) through the map algebra of ArcGis 10.3. The vegetation index was thus generated, without the need to use satellite images or multispectral data and thus generates a new way of identifying vegetation with the use of drones, Vants and RPAs, being a landmark in the advancement of studies of geotechnologies. The equation used will still be tested in new areas and different situations to show its capacity, and if necessary will be improved according to the observations made.

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